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0000991Rocky-Linux-8Installerpublic2023-06-02 20:10
ReporterDavid Roth Assigned ToLouis Abel  
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Platformel9OSRocky LinuxOS Version9.0
Summary0000991: Module cramfs, floppy and sha256 are not found during installation
DescriptionDuring a bare metal installation from USB flash drive of Rocky Linux 9.0 messages are displayed that module cramfs, floppy and sha256 are not found. Please see screen photo. The complete syslog file as a ZIP file from installation is also included.
Steps To Reproduce1) Boot from USB Flash Drive of 9.0 ISO on bare metal.
2) Select Install
3) These messages (Module cramfs, floppy and sha256 are not found) flash by on the screen.
4) Examine the syslog located in /tmp during installation and the following messages can be found, that Module cramfs, floppy and sha256 are not found.
11:30:10,263 INFO dracut-pre-udev:anaconda-modprobe: Module cramfs not found
11:30:10,288 INFO dracut-pre-udev:anaconda-modprobe: Module floppy not found
11:30:10,536 INFO dracut-pre-udev:anaconda-modprobe: Module sha256 not found

Additional InformationThis is also present on Rocky Linux 9.1 beta and I reported it in the Rocky Linux Testing Channel on 11/20/2022.
Tagsinstallation, Modprobe
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Alan Marshall

Alan Marshall

2023-04-27 12:02

QA   ~0003070

Last edited: 2023-04-27 14:32

Running openqa on a rocky 9.1 server using a fedora 38 vm but have hit a dead stop, Every run hangs at the dracut-pre-udev stage with anaconda-modprobe: Module cramfs & floppy not found. This looks very like rocky Issue 0000991 but here it hangs rather than continue the boot. Got it working later with host-passthrough for the hw virtualisation so now working on openqa. The above issue is still valid.
Louis Abel

Louis Abel

2023-06-02 20:10

administrator   ~0003636

As this was reported during an old version of Rocky Linux 9 and was not reported during 9.2 test cycles, this report will be closed.

If this is affecting the installer from running, please open a new bug report and if possible, provide screenshots and anaconda logs so that we can investigate.

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