0000140: [rocky-release] rocky-release "Provides" redhat-release = 8.6-3.el8 which does not exist (Louis Abel)
0000628: [cockpit] Cockpit error and won't run on Firefox. (Louis Abel)
0000164: [httpd] Minor typo in httpd default test page (Louis Abel)
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0001123: [kernel] Kernel packages contain files with incorrect versions such as 600 instead of 644 (Sherif Nagy)
0001189: [cloud-init] 9.1-20221123 GenericCloud image has a misconfigured cloud-init that prevents using yum-repos: keyword in user data (Neil Hanlon)
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0000119: [open-vm-tools] open-vm-tools requires patches to build on rocky (Louis Abel)
0000118: [cloud-init] cloud-init requires patches for use on Rocky (Louis Abel)
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0000158: [General] ppc64le DVD and minimal images are not bootable (Louis Abel)
0000199: [Packages] groupinstall of "Development Tools" stucks with multilib_policy=all option (Louis Abel)
0000269: [[Repo] Extras] Missing CentOS SIG centos-release-* packages (Louis Abel)
0000151: [libvirt] virt-install fail with Rocky 9: isoinfo: Unable to find Joliet SVD (Louis Abel)
0000147: [podman] Rocky Linux 9 Podman无法成功启动 (Louis Abel)
0000146: [telnet] telnet* is missing in yum repos 9.0 for all architectures except x86_64 (Louis Abel)
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