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0000087Rocky-Linux-8anacondapublic2023-05-28 08:47
ReporterLukas Magauer Assigned ToInfrastructure Team  
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Summary0000087: Anaconda is unable to use mirrorlist or metalink as installation source on the first try
DescriptionWhile working on the test suites in OpenQA we discovered an issue with the Graphical Mirrorlist Installation.
Steps To Reproduce- Start the graphical installer and select the language
- Configure the network and clock
- Go in the "Installation Source" spoke and add either the [mirrorlist]( or the [metalink](
- Switch the URL type to the correct type
- Click done

After these steps the main screen will look like attachment_1

After another click on the "Install Source" spoke and going back with the done button, the mirrorlist/metalink gets loaded and accepted as source.
Additional Information## Expected behavior

The mirrorlist/metalink gets directly recognized and used

## Further information found

- The problem looks to be that the BaseOS gets loaded by the mirrorlist/metalink but Anaconda is unable to find the linked AppStream repo (picture after this post)
- This problem does not occur if a repolist URL is used

I hope this is enough information, if something is missing or I can help with the troubleshooting, please just give me a note in MM.

Thanks, Lukas
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Lukas Magauer

Lukas Magauer

2021-10-14 18:41

QA   ~0000106

Install Source Error
Anaconda log from OpenQA with error
attachment_1.png (90,093 bytes)   
attachment_1.png (90,093 bytes)   
Louis Abel

Louis Abel

2021-10-14 19:14

administrator   ~0000107

I am unsure this is something that Release Engineering can fix. The .treeinfo is configured correctly as you can point to a direct mirror (such as dl.rl.o or anything that comes up in the list for your region) and it just works. The mirrorlist is behaving as it should as well, because dnf functions properly.

As this behavior *only* occurs while trying to use a mirror through anaconda, it will require Neil to assist looking into it, who is on vacation.
Lukas Magauer

Lukas Magauer

2021-10-14 22:52

QA   ~0000108

Okay I'm totally at you, this shouldn't be that high on the priority list, we thought maybe something for 8.5.
It just looked like a bug in Anaconda to us.

But maybe it is also just a configuration thing about the MirrorManager.
Louis Abel

Louis Abel

2021-10-14 23:09

administrator   ~0000109

It could be either one. In 8.5 there is an anaconda version bump, so perhaps it has some fixes if it's not our mirror manager.
Lukas Magauer

Lukas Magauer

2021-10-15 14:49

QA   ~0000110

I had access to another 8.5-beta system with anaconda, and I know that there it still doesn't work. Same behavior as with our 8.4 image.

As this is kind of a minor problem, I set it to that now.
Neil Hanlon

Neil Hanlon

2021-10-19 22:20

administrator   ~0000111

Oh goody. Anaconda debugging!
Lukas Magauer

Lukas Magauer

2023-05-28 08:47

QA   ~0003532

This has been fixed a long time ago. (with the release of 8.6 I think)

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