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0000085Rocky-Linux-8dracutpublic2022-03-16 08:13
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Summary0000085: Can't perform network installation due to ICMP6 socket not created
DescriptionThis is on what the installation hangs

Fresh network installations
Loops forever at :

IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_CHANGE): eth2: link becomes ready

Additionally, adding ipv6.disable=1 also hangs forever at the same place, with this different error:

"dracut-initqueue[1245]: libndp: ndp_sock_open: Failed to create ICMP6 socket"

dracut should NOT be trying to use IPv6 when IPv6 is disabled...

There is no IPV6 in my network and I'm trying to perform the installation open ipv4. Also, I'm using a KS file if it helps.
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2022-03-16 08:13

reporter   ~0000104

Sorry for the missing information.

The OS version I'm trying to install is RockyLinux 8.5

RockyLinux 8.4 passes the installation successfully without any errors with the same config


2022-03-16 08:13

reporter   ~0000105

This is on what the installation hangs

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