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0006999Rocky-Linux-8cloud-utilspublic2024-07-09 08:43
ReporterChristopher Scull Assigned ToNeil Hanlon  
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Summary0006999: AWS g6* EC2 AMI
Descriptionthe new ec2 instances g6. are greyed out and not available within AWS console. Can these be added? Here is a link to the document explaining how to make these instances available on the Rocky 8 AMI
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Rocky8_unavailable.png (131,677 bytes)   


Neil Hanlon

Neil Hanlon

2024-06-03 21:27

administrator   ~0007330

Hi Chris - thanks for reaching out!

I went to try and add these to our images, but I can't actually see _any_ g6 instances to select when adding instances (see attachment)

Is this something you can help with, or should i reach out to marketplace support?
Screenshot_20240603_172635.png (57,159 bytes)   
Screenshot_20240603_172635.png (57,159 bytes)   
Christopher Scull

Christopher Scull

2024-06-03 22:09

reporter   ~0007332

Thanks for the quick response. I wish I could help but I have no insight into break fix issues. Could you please open a case with Market Place support and provide me the case number and I can attempt to escalate on my side.
Christopher Scull

Christopher Scull

2024-06-05 16:49

reporter   ~0007363

any update on your side with this?
Jean-Baptiste Leonesio

Jean-Baptiste Leonesio

2024-07-09 08:43

reporter   ~0007789

I'm observing the same issue.

Is this related to the fact that g6 instances are only available in us-east-1 and us-east-2 regions ?

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