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0000068CloudGeneralpublic2021-11-01 22:34
ReporterMichael De La Rue Assigned To 
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Summary0000068: Rocky Linux AWS Images should be released as public AMIs
DescriptionCurrently the official Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) are available only in the AWS market place. That's a fine place but it means that the images aren't available until a user subscribes, so if they search for Rocky by default they get unofficial images which may or may not be updated later.

Please publish the AMIs as public ones. See also #172 and (which also states that this would be useful when creating an instance using Terraform)

N.B. This is already under discussion as - however now I finally have bug access I want to put it in the right tracker.

I'm happy to do this worl but don't think I have the right access now.


 1) go to AWS EC2 console
 2) click launch instance
 3) type rocky in search and then enter

expected result:
official rocky linux image shows up

actual result
no images visible and links to some groups in which there are unoffical images.
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