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0000628Rocky-Linux-8cockpitpublic2022-11-16 06:28
ReporterRobert Campbell Assigned ToLouis Abel  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformVirtual MachineOSRocky LinuxOS Version8.6
Fixed in Version8.7 
Summary0000628: Cockpit error and won't run on Firefox.
This web browser is too old to run the Web Console (missing selector(:is():where()))
A modern browser is required for security, reliability, and performance.
Download a new browser for free

    Mozilla Firefox / Linux, Windows, macOS
    Google Chrome / Linux, Windows, macOS

Or use a bundled browser

    Microsoft Edge / Windows
    Apple Safari / macOS

Steps To ReproduceUpdated Fire Fox, still have same issue
Updated Rocky Linux, still have same issue.

Tried Chrome and it works fine.
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Robert Campbell

Robert Campbell

2022-10-26 21:39


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Louis Abel

Louis Abel

2022-11-16 06:28

administrator   ~0000991

This should be resolved in 8.7. Closing as fixed.

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