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0003103CloudGeneralpublic2023-04-30 05:07
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Summary0003103: Rocky-8-OCP-8.7-20230215.0.x86_64.8.7.2 Does not Boot (Oracle Cloud)
DescriptionRocky-8-OCP-8.7-20230215.0.x86_64.8.7.2 does not boot in Oracle Cloud.

It seems that the image may be broken.
Steps To ReproduceInitialize an instance using Rocky-8-OCP-8.7-20230215.0.x86_64.8.7.2
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Brian Clemens

Brian Clemens

2023-04-30 05:07

QA   ~0003136

This is a known issue stemming from an odd BIOS / UEFI setup on OCI. Remediation is in progress (CC @neil)

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