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0002905Rocky-Linux-9crashpublic2023-04-18 05:16
Reportershadon fan Assigned To 
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Platformvmware esxi clusteOSRocky LinuxOS Version9.1
Summary0002905: Rocky Linux 9 Failed to install or start in the Esxi Cluster
DescriptionRockyLinux 9.1 fails to install or start the system in an Esxi Cluster. RockyLinux 8.7 in the same cluster does not fail.
Steps To Reproduce1. new install - fail

2.1 Install RockyLinux9.1 on a non-clustered Esxi host and ensure can log in to the system.
2.2 Shutdown RockyLinux9.1, migrate to the cluster, and then cannot boot normally
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Lukas Magauer

Lukas Magauer

2023-04-17 12:04

QA   ~0002938

Hi shadon fan,
which EVC mode is your machine/cluster using?
This sounds very much like this problem here:
shadon fan

shadon fan

2023-04-18 02:59

reporter   ~0002971

Hi Lukas Magauer,

The EVC mode is Intel® "Merom" Generation

The Esxi cluster include the following cpus: Intel(R) Xeon(R) X5650, E5-2697 v2, E5-2670, and E5-2640 v4
Lukas Magauer

Lukas Magauer

2023-04-18 05:16

QA   ~0002972

Okay yes this is definitely the problem, you need at least EVC mode "Nehalem" to make Rocky Linux 9 work. (SSE 4.2 is required)

Could you verify please, thank you!

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