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0000276Rocky-Linux-9httpdpublic2022-09-07 13:32
ReporterTaketo Kabe Assigned ToNeil Hanlon  
Status closedResolutionno change required 
PlatformanyOSRocky LinuxOS Version9
Summary0000276: Apache httpd cannot serve file timestamped beyond Y2038
DescriptionI was surprised that httpd of Rocky Linux 9 x86_64 (not i686!) was not Y2038 compliant
Steps To Reproducednf install httpd
apachectl start
touch --date '2038/02/01 00:00:00' /var/www/html/a.html
curl --include http://localhost/a.html

tail /var/log/httpd/error_log
[Wed Sep 07 21:22:38.001509 2022] [core:error] [pid 1456070:tid 1456094] (75)Value too large for defined data type: [client ::1:47446] AH00036: access to /a.html failed (filesystem path '/var/www/html/a.html')

The message 'Value too large for defined data type" seems to come from glibc's EOVERFLOW translation.
Additional InformationI have not dived into source code enough whether this is an httpd problem or apr problem.
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Taketo Kabe

Taketo Kabe

2022-09-07 13:27

reporter   ~0000499

This bugreport was spurious; I was invoking i686 httpd somewhere inbetween.Please close this bugreport.
Neil Hanlon

Neil Hanlon

2022-09-07 13:32

administrator   ~0000500


Thank you for the report. In addition to what you've found regarding i686, please note that no currently released version of Rocky Linux (or RHEL/CentOS Stream) are supported in the year 2038. As such, we cannot accept any bug report relating to Y2038 problems. It'd be best to ensure these work on Fedora itself, as that will be shaping the future versions of Rocky.

Thankfully, the Fedora teams are aware of it and are I'm sure have plans to ensure compatibility.


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