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0002575Rocky-Linux-9Packagespublic2023-03-07 11:18
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Summary0002575: modulemd versions are string, not int
DescriptionThe version field in a modulemd file should be an integer, it is currently a string. (see
This can cause issues with authentication:
Steps To ReproduceThe problem can be seen with:
curl -fsSL | gzip -d | grep version
curl -fsSL | gzip -d | grep version

Older versions do not have this problem e.g.
curl -fsSL | gzip -d | grep version:| head

The new version information is surrounded by quotes, making it a string.
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alex welsh

alex welsh

2023-03-07 11:18

reporter   ~0002707

Typo in Steps To Reproduce. The second command should be
curl -fsSL | gzip -d | grep version

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