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0002014Rocky-Linux-9gtk2public2023-01-31 20:50
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PlatformdockerOSRocky LinuxOS Version9
Summary0002014: gtk2 dependencies
DescriptionI don't believe the below is an issue directly with Rocky Linux, but I can reproduce the issue with it, and I was hoping you could help trace why it's happening.

I am building a docker container with gtk2, and I noticed that the container size is much larger than what it should be. What's odd is that it's working fine if I run the rockylinux:9 docker image and install gtk2, but if I first run "dnf update systemd-libs", then the issue happens.

In the below output, can you tell why the package count changes? Why does updating systemd-libs cause new weak dependencies to be installed?

I realize that I can get around this by skipping the install of weak dependencies, but I'm trying to figure out what changed to cause this.

Thanks for your help.
Steps To Reproduce# docker run --rm -ti rockylinux:9 bash

## dnf install gtk2
Install 44 Packages

Total download size: 12 M
Installed size: 44 M

## dnf -y update systemd-libs

## dnf install gtk2

Install 198 Packages

Total download size: 127 M
Installed size: 469 M
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