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0000180Rocky-Linux-9Installerpublic2022-08-12 22:07
ReporterLech Lobocki Assigned ToLouis Abel  
Status needinfoResolutionopen 
Summary0000180: Installer fails to read the iso image from a exfat formatted usb pendrive
DescriptionInstaller fails to read the iso image from an exfat-formatted usb pendrive. It is possible to redirect reading the source ISO by copying it into an ext4 or xfs filesystem available during installation (e.g., a disk partition)
Steps To ReproduceCopy any of the x86_64 images (minimal, dvd or boot) onto an USB pendrive with an exFAT system (I used Ventoy).
Start installer by booting from USB. Upon loading, it reports errors reading the ISO image.
Additional InformationThis problem did not occur with Rocky 8.6 installation. Apparently, fuse-exfat is not available to the installer.
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Louis Abel

Louis Abel

2022-08-12 19:54

administrator   ~0000342

Last edited: 2022-08-12 19:55

I would suggest to try booting CentOS Stream 9 and/or RHEL 9 and see if you get the same results as you've reported (and similar to the above upstream github issue). If you cannot fully replicate the issue, then we can do some troubleshooting and investigation to find the possible cause to the problem.
Lech Lobocki

Lech Lobocki

2022-08-12 22:07

reporter   ~0000343

Yes, exactly the same problem with CentOS Stream 9

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