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0001783Rocky-Linux-9tigervncpublic2023-01-09 18:40
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Platformx86_64OSrocky linuxOS Version9.1
Summary0001783: bash in gnome-terminal command line editing broken under vnc
DescriptionI have 9.1 installed on one machine with a VNC server set up as a service. I connect to that server from a CentOS7.9 machine on the same LAN. I start some gnome-terminals or xterms. In some of the gnome-terminals or most of the xterms, thing like del or left-arrow update the screen incorrectly, making them more or less unusable. Also, some of the time the shell prompt after commands complete does not get printed. An extra "enter" will make the missing prompt and the second one show up.

Note that if I use ssh -X instead to display the terminals and use them the same way, I do not get this problem, so it seems more related to VNC than to the terminal programs.
Steps To ReproduceCreate gnome-terminals under VNC in the configuration described above. Do software development fixing spelling errors, editing commands use left-arrow, etc. Usually at least one of the gnome-terminals will break in the first few minutes of use.
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