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0001618Rocky-Linux-9clangpublic2022-12-29 03:48
ReporterAliaksandr Zaitsau Assigned ToLouis Abel  
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Summary0001618: Build Clang with PGO
DescriptionLLVM supports building Clang with PGO ( Using PGO for compilers has a huge impact on compiler performance. E.g. many distros are already building GCC (which also supports PGO builds) with PGO. I think for the users would be beneficial to have faster Clang binaries.

Locally I usually build my own Clang version. According to my tests, it could bring up to 20% performance.

Additionally, you could consider using LLVM BOLT as an additional optimization step, but I guess it should be discussed in another issue after the PGO implementation.
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Louis Abel

Louis Abel

2022-12-29 03:48

administrator   ~0001948

Thank you for the report.

This something we don't control. Ultimately upstream (red hat) would be the ones that would need to make this call. I would suggest opening a bug report as (as you've done with Fedora against CentOS Stream 9 if you wish to see pgo in Rocky Linux.

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