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0001585Rocky-Linux-9NetworkManagerpublic2022-12-26 02:39
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Summary0001585: "Manual" IPv4 and "Automatic" IPv6: no IPv6 address assigned
DescriptionOn Rocky Linux 9.1's NetworkManager, I normally use a "manual" static IPv4 address and an "automatic" IPv6 address. This is mainly since on residential ISPs, we don't get static IPv6 on most ISPs but IPv4 NAT is still static nevertheless.

If I use "manual" IPv4 and "automatic" IPv6, I get no IPv6 address via SLAAC or DHCP.

However, if I use "automatic" IPv4 and IPv6, I get both assigned. Even if a manual IPv4 is also set alongside automatic, I still get an IPv6, albeit with both static and DHCP v4.
Steps To Reproduce1. Install Rocky 9.1 with minimal install.
2. Set up bridge
3. Set IP addresses on bridge, with "manual" and static IPv4 and "automatic" IPv6
4. Reboot
5. Only IPv4 on bridge interface with `ip addr`
Additional InformationThis is on a i7-12700 'server' and an Intel X550-T1 10 Gigabit NIC. My router runs OPNsense on a quad-port Chinese firewall box, and my ISP is CenturyLink using GPON/fiber and 6rd.

This happens if I configure a bridge, which I use for virtual machines.

Workaround: add a DHCP reservation on my OPNsense box to my static address.

openSUSE Tumbleweed/Leap didn't have this issue with bridge and NM, even with the same OPNsense box. However, I'm switching to Rocky mainly due to the uncertainty around SUSE's ALP plan.
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