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0000149Rocky-Linux-9Generalpublic2022-10-09 20:10
ReporterLukas Magauer Assigned To 
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OSRocky LinuxOS Version9.0 
Summary0000149: Characters not showing up correctly in browser, shell and other applications
DescriptionIt was reported by @darthgelum, that the double parenthesis characters are not showing up correctly in a Workstation install.

I was testing with both Graphical Server and Workstation installs and both show the same behavior of missing characters (showing placeholder characters).

This was further checked with a fully patched RHEL 9.0 system, which was showing the same behavior.

Also further this was tested both on a hardware system with the proprietory NVIDIA driver as well as in a VMware ESXi environment as a VM.

For comparison I tested this on a fully patched Fedora Workstation installation, which shows the characters just fine.
Steps To Reproduce- Install a Graphical Server or Workstation installation
- Open the browser and visit the page
- You will see many placeholder characters
Additional InformationAs this is a upstream bug, please handle this more as documentation than a Rocky Linux specific bug.
Thank you!
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Lukas Magauer

Lukas Magauer

2022-07-18 16:56

QA   ~0000272

Back tracking, here is the RHEL bugreport:
Philipp Dmitrov

Philipp Dmitrov

2022-07-19 08:58

reporter   ~0000280

It could be fixed by installing font with full utf8 table support.
For example, julia mono
Lukas Magauer

Lukas Magauer

2022-10-09 20:10

QA   ~0000699

As mentioned in the RHEL bugreport, this issue got fixed in the npm package.

Browsers are still affected, but I don't really see any moving forward as the mindset looks to be that the websites should provide their own or 3rd party online available fonts.

-> we can close this now

@darthgelum I hope you also have this impression!

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