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0000131Rocky Linux Build Systemempanadaspublic2022-06-28 01:05
ReporterLouis Abel Assigned ToLouis Abel  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Summary0000131: [empanadas] Ensure latest-Rocky-{} is the config key, rather than major version
DescriptionCurrently `latest-Rocky-{}` gets set to a major version. This unfortunately can cause issues with syncing to the tier 0 mirror, as latest-Rocky-X could point to a beta or to lookahead. Instead, there should be multiple links:

latest-Rocky-9 -> ...
latest-Rocky-9-beta -> ...
latest-Rocky-9-lookahead -> ...
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Louis Abel

Louis Abel

2022-06-28 01:05

administrator   ~0000240

Resolved in commit f4f29d97

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