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0000114ContainersGeneralpublic2022-07-07 18:03
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Summary0000114: Docker Hub official image hasn't been up to date since 8.5
DescriptionThe 'official' Docker Hub image (library/rockylinux, has not been updated since 8.5's release ~3mo. ago, where the rockylinux/rockylinux image has been kept up to date just fine. (

I can see that rockylinux/rockylinux is updated by @neilresf, where library/rockylinux is updated by @doijanky, not sure who that is but I think we ought to be updating both of the Docker image repos every update.


Link to original Mattermost thread:
Steps To Reproduce- `docker pull`
- `podman pull`

Either works
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Neil Hanlon

Neil Hanlon

2022-07-07 18:03

administrator   ~0000251

New images are uploaded to docker hub in the rockylinux namespace and are in a PR to push to the official library.

Thank you for your patience! we'll automate this going forward

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