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0000104CoreGeneralpublic2023-02-17 03:55
Reporterzhijian wang Assigned ToNeil Hanlon  
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Summary0000104: As a firewall, there are serious communication problems
DescriptionAfter I upgrade a server which is used as a firewall from 8.5 to 8.6 , these are some serious communication problems appeared. I can't communicate with the servers on the back end of the firewall (version 8.6) , though they can ping. I can't ssh or http the servers on the back end of the firewall

Steps To ReproduceSimple model:
Server A : one side firewall
Server B: the other side firewall
Server C: the server behide Server A
Server D: the server behide Server B

step 1: Enable Server A and B to connection(from internet to local area networks) , can use ipsec or other tools
step 2: Set ip route gateway rules on Server C and D
Now, Server D can communicate Server A or B. (ping ,ssh or curl)

step 3: update Server A from 8.5 to 8.6
step 4: Ping Server A and ssh Server A from Server D. everything is OK
step 5: Ping Server C from D ( OK ) ,but can't ssh or curl Server C from Server D
step 6: Ping (or ssh,curl) Server D from C, everthing is OK

conclusion: When the firewall upgrade on one side is completed ,The servers behind this firewall can only communicate in one direction ,Only out, not in
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Neil Hanlon

Neil Hanlon

2022-05-20 02:55

administrator   ~0000175

Hey there,

it sounds like you might be running into the same problem reported here:

There is an article here that references two private bugzillas (numbers bz2065266 and bz2062870) -

Likely we will be seeing updates for this soon, and can track it here.

Thanks for the report!

Adam Gibson

Adam Gibson

2022-07-21 04:18

reporter   ~0000295

This was resolved in the last kernel update on June 28th. They didn't update the redhat bug to state that.

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