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0000084Rocky-Linux-8anacondapublic2022-05-03 14:56
ReporterPeter Ajamian Assigned ToRelease Engineering  
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Summary0000084: Repository Does Not Match Selected Protocol Error
DescriptionWhen in the Repository selection of the Anaconda installer:

1. Add the baseos repository (if not already done) as the main repo.

2. Add an additional repo (we'll say EPEL). The protocol drop-down is initially blank, and should be changed to HTTPS. This works fine.

3. Add a second additional repo (well say rpmfusion this time). The protocol selection is initially set to HTTPS, and when you type or paste in the URL you will see an error appear on the bottom of the screen, "Repository foo does not match selected protocol".

You are then unable to proceed until you fix the error.


4. Change the drop down to http.

5. Change the drop down back to https.

The error message dissapears and you are able to proceed.

This continues to happen for subsequent repositories.

Note: The screenshots I am attaching are from the RHEL 8.4 boot.iso installer. The same issue occurs with the RockyLinux boot.iso installer.
Additional InformationScreenshot showing error message in THEL 8.4 Anaconda

Screenshot showing error has disappeared after dropdown has been changed to HTTP and then back to HTTPS
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Peter Ajamian

Peter Ajamian

2021-07-08 03:11

reporter   ~0000101

Screenshot showing error message in THEL 8.4 Anaconda

Screenshot showing error has disappeared after dropdown has been changed to HTTP and then back to HTTPS
Peter Ajamian

Peter Ajamian

2021-07-08 03:14

reporter   ~0000102

This bug has previously been filed with RedHat:

RedHat has closed the bug as "WONTFIX" without much explanation as to why they won't address it. If we can fix the bug in RockyLinux then it may put some amount of pressure onto RedHat to fix it upstream.
Peter Ajamian

Peter Ajamian

2021-07-18 04:27

reporter   ~0000103

I only *just* realized that I pasted the wrong URL in above, it should be:
Peter Ajamian

Peter Ajamian

2022-05-03 08:38

reporter   ~0000112

Red Hat has closed this bug as WONTFIX. Should we consider this for a fix in Rocky Linux? The bug is a minor annoyance at best and there is something to be said to maintain bug-for-bug compatibility with RHEL, but fixing this is not very likely to cause issues for anyone and it will put some amount of pressure on Red Hat to get their act together and fix it upstream.
Neil Hanlon

Neil Hanlon

2022-05-03 14:56

administrator   ~0000114

I'd be happy to see it fixed, especially as it's likely a few lines of python at best inside anaconda. I do wonder if perhaps it was closed wontfix because of the changes to anaconda coming down the pipe from fedora eventually? In any case, it's an annoyance and UX issue that would be great to fix.

For anyone interested: we have a repository here[1] that can be used to run the anaconda locally (and even install to a mounted disk, if you want) for testing purposes. It was originally for design and branding work, but has been expanded to be used in testing SCAP content, too.


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