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0000081Rocky-Linux-8kernelpublic2022-01-10 18:29
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Summary0000081: Upgrading rocky to v. 8.5 on a AWS t2 instance does not boot when instance changed to t3
DescriptionI created an AWS ami for a version 8.4 of Rocky. This version was then run in a t2 instance and worked fine. It was subsequently updated to version 8.5 via yum update.

When the instance was switched to t3 instance type, the instance does not start. No disks are detected.

Running the same 8.4 ami in a t3 instance and upgrading to v. 8.5 works fine.

Per AWS' documentation, I verified that both the ena and nvme drivers are present in the t2 instance prior to the switch to the t3 instance type.
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2022-01-10 18:29

reporter   ~0000095

I was able to resolve this issue by explicitly added the ena and nvme kernel drivers to the dracut configuration, and re-running dracut.

echo 'add_drivers+=" ena "' >> /etc/dracut.conf.d/ena.conf
echo 'add_drivers+=" nvme "' >> /etc/dracut.conf.d/ena.conf
dracut -f -vvvv

This was not needed for Rocky v. 8.4.

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