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Summary0000070: rocky images in google cloud platform is created by rocky-linux-8-v20220126
DescriptionDescription of problem:

The image in google cloud platform of rocky linux (rocky-linux-8-v20220126) is "created by": rocky-linux-8-v20220126 instead of rocky or rocky-linux

If you compare this with others:
- ubuntu images are created by Canonical
- cenots-7 images are created by CentOS

This is problem because tools like packer use hard coded list of projects/"created by" to search for public available images. I want to ask packer to add rocky to list of images to search for. But if every images of rocky has a different Creator this is not possible.
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Neil Hanlon

Neil Hanlon

2022-04-20 07:52

administrator   ~0000068

Neil Hanlon 2022-02-04 17:38:09 UTC

Hi Rens,

Thanks for your report. It appears that there was a recent commit [1] to the GoogleCompute packer plugin which added Rocky Linux in. I believe this patch should resolve the issues you are having.

Can you confirm you're running the most recent version of the plugin?


 Rens Sikma 2022-02-10 13:40:12 UTC

Thanks, that works.

Was running latest version of packer. But they moved logic for gcp to a plugin.
And to use that i had to convert from the json syntax to HCL syntax.
But i can confirm. that rocky works with packer if you use:

 packer-plugin-googlecompute version v1.0.10

Still think that would look nicer if packer images where created by rocky-linux instead of rocky-linux-8-v20220126. but everything works for me.

Thanks for the help

[tag] [reply] [−] Comment 3 Neil Hanlon 2022-02-10 14:16:30 UTC

I'd be happy to pass some feedback over to the google team who is responsible for the image builds (they actually happen through some Google open source build/test software), but my understanding from them is that Terraform/other tools are supposed to act as a translation layer between these.

That said, would you be able to share a sample terraform config so I can see what you're seeing w.r.t. the naming conventions?


[tag] [reply] [−] Comment 4 Rens Sikma 2022-02-15 13:40:59 UTC

Created attachment 108 [details]
screenshot image gcp rocky

[tag] [reply] [−] Comment 5 Rens Sikma 2022-02-15 13:41:46 UTC

Created attachment 109 [details]
screenshot image gcp normal

[tag] [reply] [−] Comment 6 Rens Sikma 2022-02-15 13:47:33 UTC

I am commenting on the naming convention of the "create by" collum of the image in gcp.
I have attached 2 screenshots about what i mean:

Most images have "created by" field with the name of the organization that created the distribution. such as Debian, Microsoft, google. Canonical

But the image rocky-linux-8-v20220126 is "created by" rocky-linux-8-v20220126

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