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0000696Rocky-Linux-9Generalpublic2023-07-31 23:38
ReporterWilliam Yoga Assigned ToLouis Abel  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Platformaarch64OSRocky LinuxOS Version9.0
Summary0000696: Rocky Linux 9.0 aarch minimal image has wrong checksum
DescriptionIn this directory:

The files Rocky-9.0-20220805.0-aarch64-minimal.iso and Rocky-aarch64-minimal.iso are both 1268580352 bytes, and has the checksum of 93e0aa19988ca49cf7fa6ae39790c24cb9f21136fbc5c490eb298c8762a6ffaf. As described in the README, Rocky-aarch64-minimal.iso is a link to the latest minimal iso. So this is expected.

The file Rocky-aarch64-minimal.iso.CHECKSUM contains the correct file size and checksum. However, the file Rocky-9.0-20220805.0-aarch64-minimal.iso.CHECKSUM has a wrong file size and checksum. The file CHECKSUM also contains the wrong file size and checksum for Rocky-9.0-20220805.0-aarch64-minimal.iso.
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