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0006766Rocky-Linux-9selinux-policypublic2024-06-18 08:29
ReporterCamden Narzt Assigned ToLouis Abel  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Platformx86_64OSrocky linuxOS Version9.4
Summary0006766: selinux-policy version in rocky doesn't match RHEL
DescriptionRocky has selinux-policy 38.1.35-2.el9_4.0.1
RHEL has 38.1.35-2.el9_4
Steps To Reproduceinstall selinux-policy package
Additional InformationI don't know how the version mismatch happened but it's important for package-builders that rocky and RHEL are using the exact same version of packages, so that we can create compatible packages. Due to this bug packages that depend on selinux-policy, created on rockylinux aren't compatible with RHEL, or Alma linux. I'd be find with alma being broken but RHEL needs to work, otherwise I might as well use CentOS stream.
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Louis Abel

Louis Abel

2024-05-17 18:44

administrator   ~0007129

The package is the same as RHEL, with the exception of the appended .0.1. You can verify this with the change log and compare it to RHEL, including the spec file and sources.

Rebuilding packages is normal in the case of a derivative distribution such as ours. CentOS Linux did the same in the past with rebuilding packages to address build system issues. This does not create incompatibilities between us and our upstream and is not a bug.

Please provide information as to how this is a bug or has created an incompatibility.
Camden Narzt

Camden Narzt

2024-05-17 18:53

reporter   ~0007130

We use the _selinux_policy_version macro in our rpm spec file to depend on the version of selinux-policy from the OS we build on, and by building on rocky we now depend on a version of selinux-policy that doesn't exist on RHEL or Alma, so our package cannot be installed there. This hasn't happened before in the years we've been packaging for enterprise linux variants so I figured it was a bug.
Camden Narzt

Camden Narzt

2024-05-17 18:57

reporter   ~0007131

Here's the bug report on our issue tracker
Louis Abel

Louis Abel

2024-05-17 19:03

administrator   ~0007132

I see now, I can see what happened in this case.

Thank you for the info. Let me see what we can do to address this for you and others. I'll have some info a couple hours.
Louis Abel

Louis Abel

2024-05-17 23:02

administrator   ~0007133

Soon we'll be pushing an update which should address this macro issue. When it's pushed, a rebuild of your packages with a version/release bump will be required. The rest of the distribution should remain unaffected. I will send another note when we've pushed the update out to mirrors.
Louis Abel

Louis Abel

2024-05-17 23:46

administrator   ~0007134

Update has been pushed out. Mirrors will begin picking it up soon. If you are connecting directly to for builds, then you should be able to pick up the fixed package immediately during your build. Please let me know if this resolves the issue for you.

I will leave this ticket open for now.
Louis Abel

Louis Abel

2024-05-17 23:57

administrator   ~0007135

Updated package: selinux-policy-38.1.35-2.el9_4.0.2

[label@sani tmp]$ rpm2cpio selinux-policy-38.1.35-2.el9_4.0.2.noarch.rpm | cpio -idmv
53 blocks
[label@sani tmp]$ grep selinux_policy_version usr/lib/rpm/macros.d/macros.selinux-policy
%_selinux_policy_version 38.1.35-2.el9_4
Requires: selinux-policy >= %{_selinux_policy_version} \
Requires(post): selinux-policy-base >= %{_selinux_policy_version} \
Camden Narzt

Camden Narzt

2024-05-18 07:33

reporter   ~0007136

Thanks for the help, we'll build a new package using this fix.
Camden Narzt

Camden Narzt

2024-05-18 13:23

reporter   ~0007137

I've built new packages and they do install fine on other EL9 distros, thanks so much this can be closed.

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