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0006700Rocky-Linux-9Generalpublic2024-05-15 18:08
ReporterMark Tomich Assigned ToLouis Abel  
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Summary0006700: Rocky 9.3 missing repomd.xml.asc
DescriptionIt looks like the `repomd.xml.asc` file in Rocky 9.3 disappeared. This breaks any systems having `repo_gpgcheck=1`
Steps To ReproduceIn the `Base` section of the `/etc/yum.repos.d/rocky.repo` file, set the following:

- repo_gpgcheck=1
- baseurl= a `dnf update`, and you should see something like the following:

libdnf._error.Error: Failed to download metadata for repo 'rocky-os-9.3': GPG verification is enabled, but GPG signature is not available. This may be an error or the repository does not support GPG verification: Status code: 404 for (IP:
Additional InformationThe following URLs all return HTTP/200:

...yet the following returns HTTP/404:
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Louis Abel

Louis Abel

2024-05-15 18:08

administrator   ~0007105

We are not able to sign arbitrary files outside of our build system. This is by design. We had to make a choice:

* Provide all packages from a release in the vault -- which was a very common request among many in our community
* Provide only the latest packages from a release in the vault

The former was chosen, even though we knew the repo data would not be signed in the end and that it can't be signed outside of the build system. We'll leave the ticket open in case this changes, but right now, there is no movement on making this happen.

!!! Vaulted releases are not supported. !!!

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