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0000661Rocky-Linux-8thunderbirdpublic2022-10-27 16:42
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Summary0000661: unexpanded macro in /usr/bin/thunderbird: line 143: fg: no job control
Description/usr/bin/thunderbird has a syntax error at line 143
Steps To Reproducestarting thunderbird from the terminal emits a harmless error message (it still starts):

/usr/bin/thunderbird: line 143: fg: no job control
Additional Information/usr/bin/thunderbird line 142, 143 contains:

# Linux version specific environment variables

The % is being interpreted by bash for job control function, but is syntactically incorrect, hence the error message. Clearly this was a placeholder string to expand to something.

The thunderbird.spec modifies the script near the comment "# set up the thunderbird start script". Nowhere does the spec do anything with %RHEL_ENV_VARS%, so this might be an upstream bug too (I have no RHEL systems to test).
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