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0006436Rocky-Linux-8autofspublic2024-04-30 17:28
ReporterWayne Johnson Assigned To 
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OSRocky LinuxOS Version9 
Summary0006436: automount leaking sockets
DescriptionOn Rocky Linux 9.3, automount is not closing sockets when configured to use sssd, which eventually leads to running out of file descriptors.

Apr 30 09:51:35 usorla7sw145x automount[4000]: open_fopen_r:211: failed to open file: Too many open files
Apr 30 09:51:35 usorla7sw145x automount[4000]: nsswitch_parse:172: couldn't open /etc/nsswitch.conf

The link below describes what seems to be the exact same problem, but in older versions:

It states the underlying issue is in sssd.
Steps To ReproduceConfigure autofs to use sss, configure sssd to use ldap autofs maps.
Start autofs
Get number of open sockets:
ls -l /proc/$(pidof automount)/fd | grep socket | wc -l
Mount something from the automounter:
ls /some/autofs/mount
Get number of open sockets:
ls /proc/$(pidof automount)/fd | wc -l
Repeat, the number of open sockets will keep increasing and never decrease
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