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0006106Rocky-Linux-9mcpublic2024-03-11 11:10
ReporterNikolay Pelov Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
OSRocky Linux release 9.3OS Version9.3 
Summary0006106: When command prompt is hidden in settings it reappears when changing directory
DescriptionIn the latest version of Midnight Commander on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9, a visual bug occurs where the command prompt, once hidden from the layout settings, reappears over the left panel upon changing directories. This behavior persists even though the command prompt is inactive and the setting to show it remains disabled. This issue affects the usability and visual clarity of Midnight Commander.
Steps To Reproduce1. Launch Midnight Commander on a system running RHEL9.
2. Navigate to the "Layout" settings under the "Options" menu.
3. Disable the command prompt option.
4. Verify that the command prompt is hidden as expected.
5. Change directories within Midnight Commander.
6. Observe that the command prompt reappears over the left panel.
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