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0005743Rocky-Linux-9sambapublic2024-02-10 09:04
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Platformamd64OSrocky linuxOS Version9.3
Summary0005743: samba not show CUPS printer in shares list
DescriptionI have configure samba as printers share server with printers configured to CUPS

After the setup, CUPS list all printers added, but samba show only the folders share, all CUPS printers are missing in browser list.

to ensure that the printers are displayed I need to add manually a fake printer to smb.conf and print on it. This operation must be repeated every time I add a new printer in CUPS
Steps To ReproduceOn a fresh minimal Rocy Linux 9.3 installation I have do this steps

# install cups
dnf install cups -y

# start cups
systemctl restart cups

# add printer
lpadmin -p laser1 -oraw -v socket://laser1:9100/ -E

# add cups-pdf printer
dnf install cups-pdf -y

# Check cups printers
lpstat -t

# Install and start samba
echo rocky9 >> /etc/hosts
dnf install samba samba-client -y
systemctl restart smb nmb

# list samba share: printer are not listed
smbclient -N -L rocky9

# add a dumb printer
cat << EOF >> /etc/samba/smb.conf
        comment = LP1 Printer
        path = /var/tmp
        printable = Yes
        browseable = Yes
        printer name = Cups-PDF
        public = yes

# restart samba
systemctl restart smb nmb

# list shared resource: only fake printer are listed, CUPS printer are missing
smbclient -N -L rocky9

# Print a jobs to fake printer
smbclient -N //rocky9/lp1 -c 'print /etc/issue'

# list shared resource: Now CUPS printer are listed
smbclient -N -L rocky9

This steps running on Oracle Linux 8.x and Fedora 39 produce the same result: CUPS printers are only listed if you print at least once to a manually added printer

On Debian 11 however it is not necessary to add and print on a printer, as soon as the printer is added in CUPS it is sufficient to wait or restart samba and it appears in the list of printers
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Dario Lesca

Dario Lesca

2024-02-10 09:04

reporter   ~0005974

I have fill also this bug on RedHat/Fedora:

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