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0005413Rocky-Linux-9kexec-toolspublic2024-01-17 18:14
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Summary0005413: Kdump Remote Transfer Failure Due to Absent DNS in Network Manager NIC Configuration
We have identified a critical issue affecting kdump transfers via SSH on RockyLinux9 and RHEL 9 systems. The problem arises when the DNS entry is removed from the /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/eth0.nmconnection profile. Notably, we do not use DNS in the eth0.nmconnection file.

Affected Systems:

Rocky Linux 9

Relevant Software Versions:

2.0.26-8.el9: Remote transfer fails.
2.0.25-13.el9_2.1: Remote transfer fails
2.0.25-13.el9_2: Remote transfer fails
2.0.24-5.el9: Remote transfer works
2.0.23-9_1.el9_0: Remote transfer works
Issue Details:
The problem occurs specifically when the remote server hostname is mentioned in kdump.conf for dump transfers.

Temporary Workaround:

Modify /etc/kdump.conf:
Add dracut_args --install-optional /etc/resolv.conf to include resolv.conf in kdump initramfs.
Restart kdump service:
Execute #kdumpctl restart.
Red Hat's Statement:
A bug exists where kdump to SSH fails in environments where Network Manager does not manage resolv.conf. The issue stems from initramfs for kdump not including /etc/resolv.conf, due to a specific commit added in kexec-tools-2.0.26-8.el9.x86_64.

The settings work correctly with kexec-tools-2.0.24-5.el9 but fail in subsequent versions.
Steps To Reproduce
Update /etc/kdump.conf with the following settings:
SSH settings and key
Auto-reset crash kernel
Path and core collector settings
Remove the DNS entry in the eth0.nmconnection file.
Restart the kdump service.
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