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0005382Rocky-Linux-9texlivepublic2024-01-17 01:41
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Summary0005382: texlive-ms has Provides for texlive packages it does not ship
DescriptionThe package texlive-ms does not contain all of the packages it claims to provide. Documents requiring these packages do not compile, and command-line tools and texlive packages provided by Rocky and community EL repos are broken.

$ rpm -ql texlive-ms | grep sty

$ rpm -q --provides texlive-ms | grep sty
tex(count1to.sty) = 9:20200406-26.el9_2
tex(everysel.sty) = 9:20200406-26.el9_2
tex(everyshi.sty) = 9:20200406-26.el9_2
tex(multitoc.sty) = 9:20200406-26.el9_2
tex(prelim2e.sty) = 9:20200406-26.el9_2
tex(ragged2e.sty) = 9:20200406-26.el9_2
Steps To Reproduce1. Install TeX packages which texlive-ms claims to provide (but does not):
# dnf install "tex(everysel.sty)" "tex(everyshi.sty)" "tex(prelim2e.sty)" "tex(ragged2e.sty)"

2. Create a minimal test doc including these packages
$ cat <<EOF > /tmp/test.tex
Are these packages actually installed?

3. Try to build the test doc
$ latex /tmp/test.tex

4. See how many dependant packages may be broken:
$ for texpackage in \
"tex(everysel.sty)" "tex(everyshi.sty)" "tex(prelim2e.sty)" "tex(ragged2e.sty)"; \
do dnf repoquery --whatrequires $texpackage; \
Additional InformationThe main issue is that ms.tar.xz from upstream (Source0437 from the texlive spec file) used to include all the relevant .sty files for these LaTeX packages, though from 2020 it only includes count1to.sty and multitoc.sty. The texlive spec file needs to be updated as a result.

Fedora began fixing this issue in response to RHBZ #1804664, and now has a separate %package for most of these.

If we can diverge from RHEL or CentOS Stream, I can provide a patch for the spec file for Rocky. If Rocky needs to stay bug-for-bug compatible here, I can push a fixed package to COPR which the CentOS community can choose to pull from.
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