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0005250Rocky-Linux-8nodejspublic2024-01-05 18:25
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Summary0005250: Corepack not included in NodeJS 20
I noticed that Corepack is not included specifically in Node 20, as you can see in the repo linked in additional info.
I don't really understand why this is behind a feature flag disabled by default, since the philosophy of Corepack is to be included by default (see GitHub link of Corepack in additional info). Especially since the latest Yarn Classic update refusing to work without Corepack it is increasingly becoming an issue.
Interestingly, it is shipped in Node 18 because they didn't put it behind a flag so that would fix the inconsistency (I, personally, noticed the bug while building container images for Node 18 and Node 20)
What do you think of enabling it by default with the flag, effectively shipping Corepack with Node as they apparently intended to?
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