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0004918Rocky-Linux-8kernelpublic2023-12-06 12:30
ReporterChristof Schulze Assigned To 
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Summary0004918: Rocky 8.9 NFSv4 sec=krb5 permission denied
DescriptionAfter updating a fileserver to Rocky Linux 8.9 nfsv4 with sec=krb5 does not work any more with Fedora 38 (and 39) clients - permission denied.
But it does still work with Fedora 36 .
On F38 (and F39) sec=sys works
Tryed multiple kernel versions on Fedora.

Fresh install of Rocky 8.9 shows the same problem
Updated and fresh install of Rocky 9.3 work like a charm.

Steps To ReproduceInstall Rocky 8.9

ipa service-add nfs/***
ipa-getkeytab -s idm***

create /etc/exports
systemctl enable --now nfs-server.service
Tagskerberos, nfs, update


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