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0004786Rocky-Linux-9fiopublic2024-03-01 02:07
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Summary0004786: The performance of rantrim on nvme ssd is significantly worse than upstream linux kernel.
DescriptionRecently, I replaced my server's kernel with rocky's 5.14.0-162.18.1.el9_1 (downloaded from ).
Then I used Fio to perform stress testing on my NVME SSD and compared the performance with Upstream's Linux 5.14.0 kernel.
When using the randtrim command, I found that randtrim performed significantly lower in rocky than upstream.
The result of IOPS of randtrim on Rocky's 5.13 is around 50k while it is 240k in upstream's kernel.
Steps To ReproduceThe running command of fio is below:
fio -filename=/dev/nvme0n1 -direct=1 -ioengine=libaio -rw=randtrim -bs=4k -iodepth=64 -numjobs=8 -group_reporting -name=randtrimfob --norandommap --randrepeat=0 --ramp_time=5 -runtime=30
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gao wh

gao wh

2024-03-01 02:07

reporter   ~0006238

while you use "-iodepth=64 -numjobs=8", os use "-iodepth=1 -numjobs=1" actually

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