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0004555Rocky-Linux-8osbuildpublic2023-10-22 16:06
ReporterDaniel Milnes Assigned To 
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Summary0004555: Building Rocky 8 images calls Rocky 9 target and fails
DescriptionIt appears to currently be impossible to build a Rocky 8 image using osbuild.

On a fresh install of Rocky 8 with a very simple template, osbuild tries to run a rocky9 osbuild step. It can't find this step within the bwrap environment, so the build fails.

I believe this is related to Rocky's patchset, as I cannot replicate this issue on RHEL 8.8. To test this, replace the `distro` with `rhel-88`.

Attaching strace to the worker does not appear to provide any additional information.
Steps To Reproduce1. Set up Rocky 8.8
2. Install osbuild

dnf install osbuild-composer composer-cli -y

3. Start osbuild

systemctl enable --now osbuild-local-worker.socket
systemctl enable --now osbuild-composer.socket

4. Submit the blueprint attached to this ticket

composer-cli blueprints push <path>

5. Start a build

composer-cli compose start rocky-8-base qcow2 --size 20000

6. Watch the journal and wait for the exception

osbuild-worker[29124]: time="2023-10-22T15:42:19Z" level=info msg="build pipeline results:\n" jobId=40174b1f-1076-441b-a529-fed2ae190d1b
osbuild-worker[29124]: time="2023-10-22T15:42:19Z" level=info msg=" org.osbuild.rpm failure:" jobId=40174b1f-1076-441b-a529-fed2ae190d1b
osbuild-worker[29124]: time="2023-10-22T15:42:19Z" level=info msg=" bwrap: execvp /run/osbuild/runner/org.osbuild.rocky9: No such file or directory" jobId=40174b1f-1076-441b-a529-fed2ae190d1b
osbuild-worker[29124]: time="2023-10-22T15:42:19Z" level=info msg=" " jobId=40174b1f-1076-441b-a529-fed2ae190d1b
osbuild-worker[29124]: time="2023-10-22T15:42:19Z" level=error msg="osbuild job failed: osbuild build failed" jobId=40174b1f-1076-441b-a529-fed2ae190d1b
osbuild-worker[29124]: time="2023-10-22T15:42:19Z" level=info msg="Job '40174b1f-1076-441b-a529-fed2ae190d1b' (osbuild) finished"
Additional InformationPackage versions:
# rpm -qa | grep osbuild

OSBuild Blueprint:

name = "rocky-8-base"
version = "1.0.0"
distro = "rocky-88"
groups = [
  { name = "Core" },
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Daniel Milnes

Daniel Milnes

2023-10-22 16:06

reporter   ~0004951

Additionally, this bug does not appear to be present building Rocky 8 from Rocky 9. This is especially weird, as the patch that adds Rocky 8 support is common between releases (

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