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0004456Rocky-Linux-8grub2public2023-10-16 10:49
ReporterDieter Kvasnicka Assigned To 
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Summary0004456: Cannot install package grub2-pc if /efi is not mounted
DescriptionThe package grub2-pc-1:2.02-148.el8_8.1.rocky.0.3.x86_64 tries to create the subdirectory /boot/loader/entries/

Unfortunately, on systems without EFI (e.g. some virtualization platforms)
* /efi does not exist
* the link /boot/efi -> ../efi/loader fails
* /boot/loader/entries cannot be created
* the packages fails (without saying much sensible information)
Steps To Reproduceif necessary:
  umount /efi
  rmdir /efi

dnf install grub2-pc
TagsInstall, yum


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