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0004225Rocky-Linux-9selinux-policypublic2023-09-15 09:14
ReporterJamie Burchell Assigned To 
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PlatformLinuxOSRocky LinuxOS Version9.2
Summary0004225: logrotate cannot read directories labelled httpd_sys_content_t
DescriptionI store log files for individual virtual hosts in /var/www/vhosts/foo/log which has a directory label of httpd_log_t.

SELinux denies access to read the vhosts directory:

type=AVC msg=audit(1694646003.329:8073): avc: denied { read } for pid=32077 comm="logrotate" name="vhosts" dev="vda1" ino=335544449 scontext=system_u:system_r:logrotate_t:s0 tcontext=unconf

Using this logrotate config:

/var/log/php-fpm/*log /var/www/vhosts/*/log/*log {
        /bin/kill -SIGUSR1 `cat /run/php-fpm/ 2>/dev/null` 2>/dev/null || true
Steps To ReproduceCreate the above directory structure with logrotate config and trigger the systemd timer for logrotate.
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