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0003499Rocky-Linux-9python3public2023-06-02 16:01
ReporterBrian Murrell Assigned ToLouis Abel  
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Summary0003499: python3 missing debug{info,source} packages
DescriptionRocky LInux 9 does not seem to have debug{info,source} packages for python[3[.9]] as far as I can tell. They don't seem to be available in for example.

AlmaLinux 9 does seem to have them in though.

Why are these not available on Rocky Linux 9? Or are they somewhere I have not looked yet?
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Louis Abel

Louis Abel

2023-06-02 16:01

administrator   ~0003631

You can find them in the devel repository debug tree, until we can address some of our yumrepofs bugs surrounding this.

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