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0002773Alternative ArchitecturesGeneralpublic2023-04-02 22:55
ReporterDan Heath Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
PlatformRaspberry Pi CM4OSRocky LinuxOS Version8
Summary0002773: Rocky 8 doesn't enable USB keyboard by default when using nvme storage
DescriptionWhen using nvme storage only the keyboard/mouse are not enabled for use. However when using a USB storage the keyboard/mouse are available.
Steps To Reproduce- boot Raspberry Pi using Rocky Linux RockyRpi_8.7.img installed on usb storage
- dd the Rocky Linux image RockyRpi_8.7.img onto an nvme
- reboot Raspberry Pi booting only from nvme

Result is keyboard/mouse fail to respond.
Additional InformationCreating /boot/config.txt and adding the following appears to solve the issue in my testing:

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