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0002674Rocky ServicesMirror Managerpublic2023-03-21 07:59
ReporterKarsten Weiss Assigned To 
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Summary0002674: Redundant rpms in Devel repo?
DescriptionI've noticed that there are bit-identical i.e. redundant rpms of BaseOS/AppStrean rpms also stored in the Devel repo. Is there a reason for that?

I've already tried several mirrors.
Steps To ReproduceExamples:

$ curl -o 1
$ curl -o 2
$ sha256sum 1 2
d4295895806bdc8fe95e5c95e7d9bab99bb044b9583b12d6373f50cfc7eb179c 1
d4295895806bdc8fe95e5c95e7d9bab99bb044b9583b12d6373f50cfc7eb179c 2

$ curl -o 3
$ curl -o 4
$ sha256sum 3 4
3cbd9785ee4477918182a0d4b8771efcc1d520d53dc900c0318a29804204a9c8 3
3cbd9785ee4477918182a0d4b8771efcc1d520d53dc900c0318a29804204a9c8 4
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