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0000178Rocky-Linux-8NetworkManagerpublic2022-08-29 08:03
Reporterandreas burger Assigned ToLouis Abel  
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Summary0000178: dhcpv6 does not work on rockyLinux 8
DescriptionOn same network it works with fedora, but not rocky

same dhcp-server, duid as key

clients sends SOLICIT and gets a ADVERTISE but does never a REQUEST

no usefull log-entries found. i do not know for now, how to do this verbose

Steps To Reproduceset duid by nmcli or in the clients lease-file
set ipv6.method dhcp by nmcli ( but auto does not change the behaviour)

do an nmcli con up

ip a l => no public-ipv6

the duid gets written in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-exxxx

by tcpdump and wireshark one can see the SOLICIT out at client-side, in at server-side and ADVERTISE out at server-side, in at client-side
but then, no Request out at client-side

Additional Informationplease feel free to give me advise to provide more details, which could help.
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