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0000153Rocky Linux Build SystemRFEpublic2022-07-19 18:01
ReporterLouis Abel Assigned ToLouis Abel  
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Summary0000153: Store source repositories in vault or another location by default
DescriptionUsing a combination of empanadas and mirror manager, the source repositories should be synced to a different location away from the normal repositories (similar to how CentOS traditionally sorted the "source" repositories of their composes to the vault by default). This should reduce the storage burden on most mirrors that do not need or wish to sync these packages and should also reduce the time it takes for hardlink to run on our side.

Alternatively, mirror scripts or configurations can be tailored for mirrors to selectively sync what they choose to (some mirrors already do this, but we should make it more flexible for everyone else). A quick-fedora-mirror configuration is being designed for mirrors for this purpose.
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