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0000148Rocky-Linux-9Generalpublic2023-11-21 22:12
ReporterSimon Hensel Assigned ToLouis Abel  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Summary0000148: Rocky 9 latest image files missing in CHECKSUM file
DescriptionThe checksums for the 'latest' Rocky 9 images are missing in the checksum file (as opposed to Rocky 8.6).
E.g. is missing an entry for the image 'Rocky-9-GenericCloud.latest.x86_64.qcow2'.
This applies to both x86_64 and aarch64 images.


Louis Abel

Louis Abel

2022-07-19 06:45

administrator   ~0000276

Hello. Thank you for the report. The "latest" link is actually a symlink to the latest available image. In this case, it would be the images that are dated for 20220706. Our toolkit currently doesn't account for the symlink'd image. In my mind it didn't make sense to have duplicate sums that could potentially confuse users. But it seems this is also confusing too.

I will treat this as an RFE and see about putting in the functionality to address this. I can't imagine it'll be too difficult. We'll have new images soon-ish to address another report to us in our mattermost dev channel. I'll leave this bug report open for now.
Simon Hensel

Simon Hensel

2022-07-19 08:32

reporter   ~0000279

Hello Louis, thanks for the quick response! Maybe it helps if I briefly clarify my use case. We maintain a private OpenStack cloud and thus provide different cloud images for our users (e.g. Debian, Ubuntu, Rocky, etc.). This is done via an automated script that takes an image download URL (the latest link) and the corresponding checksums file. If the upstream checksum changes, the image gets updated.
So it would be sufficient to have an additional entry with the latest filename in the checksums file that points to the checksum of the newest image.

Rocky 8.6 already offers checksums for the latetst pointer: A similar functionality can be found with other image providers like Ubuntu or Debian.
Louis Abel

Louis Abel

2022-07-19 09:06

administrator   ~0000281

That is a good point, it looks like we were doing this for 8. It slipped my mind since I haven't looked at our original bash scripts in a long time and my focus was just getting the toolkit working just right for our 9 release (and to eventually take over for 8 this coming fall). So definitely an oversight on my part. I have it fixed in this commit:

I am assuming this should work for you (a very simple and testing example below just to verify my change works)

[label@sani x86_64]$ ll
total 10485776
-rw-r--r--. 1 label label 326 Jul 19 02:04 CHECKSUM
-rw-r--r--. 1 label label 10737418240 Jul 19 01:48 Rocky-9-EC2-9.0-20220706.0.x86_64.raw
-rw-r--r--. 1 label label 171 Jul 19 01:58 Rocky-9-EC2-9.0-20220706.0.x86_64.raw.CHECKSUM
lrwxrwxrwx. 1 label label 37 Jul 19 01:58 Rocky-9-EC2.latest.x86_64.raw -> Rocky-9-EC2-9.0-20220706.0.x86_64.raw
-rw-r--r--. 1 label label 155 Jul 19 01:58 Rocky-9-EC2.latest.x86_64.raw.CHECKSUM
[label@sani x86_64]$ cat CHECKSUM
Rocky-9-EC2-9.0-20220706.0.x86_64.raw: 10737418240 bytes
SHA256 (Rocky-9-EC2-9.0-20220706.0.x86_64.raw) = 1ea30f27c7295b2a86f79783d8f2eef1a18db07acfdb7cd9570272c7db2f4f11
Rocky-9-EC2.latest.x86_64.raw: 10737418240 bytes
SHA256 (Rocky-9-EC2.latest.x86_64.raw) = 1ea30f27c7295b2a86f79783d8f2eef1a18db07acfdb7cd9570272c7db2f4f11
Simon Hensel

Simon Hensel

2022-07-19 12:09

reporter   ~0000282

Yes that works perfectly. Thanks for the quick fix!

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