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0000125MattermostAccountspublic2022-06-22 21:23
ReporterNeil Hanlon Assigned ToNeil Hanlon  
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Summary0000125: Maximum users reached for rocky-linux team
DescriptionUser on forums reported an error signing up for Mattermost citing an error about the team being full.

I investigated and found it was due to a default configuration setting of the maximum users a team can have: 7500.

To rectify this, the configuration was edited on the fly using the mmctl command `mmctl config edit` to change the maximum.

We do not currently have an ansible role controlling the infrastructure for our mattermost servers, so let's leave this open until we do, and can ensure we make sure to make that setting.

Also going to file a bug to document the process to edit the database config in case of emergencies.
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