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0001190Rocky-Linux-8rocky-releasepublic2023-06-02 20:08
ReporterPat Riehecky Assigned ToLouis Abel  
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Summary0001190: [RFE] start using os-release SUPPORT_END=YYYY-MM-DD
DescriptionFollowing . Currently RHEL systemd doesn't recognize this metadata, but it is still handy to have a unified way to check for EOL date from the OS itself.

Description of problem:
Systemd has added a field to os-release called SUPPORT_END which can be useful for folks to generate automated reminders of systems nearing their end of support. Starting with systemd 252 the system can use this metadata directly.
Additional InformationAdditional info:

A sample script to begin notifying folks about pending end of life is provided in:
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Pat Riehecky

Pat Riehecky

2022-11-29 19:31

reporter   ~0001354

A similar fix would be welcome in Rocky Linux 9 as well.
Louis Abel

Louis Abel

2022-11-29 21:14

administrator   ~0001355

Thank you for the RFE.

Unfortunately, Rocky Linux 8 uses systemd 239 and Rocky Linux 9 uses 250. They do not have the patches necessary to support the SUPPORT_END feature, and it's unlikely that Red Hat would backport it. While I do like the idea of supporting such a feature, I'm not sure of the implications of backporting it just for Rocky Linux (as at that point it would make us begin to deviate). While this is the case though, this wouldn't stop us from adding SUPPORT_END to our /etc/os-release file (keeping in mind there would be no direct system utility that would use it).
Pat Riehecky

Pat Riehecky

2022-12-22 15:04

reporter   ~0001882

With merged into CentOS Stream, I'd love to have this ready for 9.2

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